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Topic: Did you get your CAPM/PMP recently? How was the experience and how did you prepare?  Category: Project Management  
Created By: Soma Bhattacharya Active: YES Created On: 2010-08-22  
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Comment: Yes, I got certified as a PMP on August 7th 2010. It was relief to see the results after the exam. I am not ashamed to say that my eyes filled with tears when I saw that congratulatory message displayed on the monitor, after an impatient 5-10 mins survey session that seemed like a life time.

The experience of preparing for the test was nothing similar to the exam preparation during my engineering college days. I was always an average student and always seemed to have the need to work extra hard to merely get trough. Part of the reason is that I am lazy and a well-trained procrastinator, which is probably why I took an entire year to pass my PMP. (Also the reason why I took almost a month to respond to this discussion forum but I am getting better and my training is wearing of, I swear. ha!) And you wont believe it, I am certain that I am the only one who rescheduled the test 4 times before finally giving it on the very last day and the very last time slot available, before my PMP application would expire. I am not joking. As soon as I got back to my house after my exam, I received an email from PMI indicating that my application has expired. Since it takes 2 days for the test center to update PMI of the results, they did not know. I guess all this proves that PMP is an exam anyone can aim for, provided you are determined and committed to get it, even if you are lazy and an average student.

I owe my PMP success mostly to the guidance I received from Mr.Cornelius Fichtner and his PMPrepCast team. I listened to his prepcast twice, and the second time while learning from Rita Mulcahy's study guide. Rita's sample questions at the end of each chapter prepared me well. I found them very tough and tricky compared to the samples available online. I reviewed the PMBOK only once even though Cornelius instructs us to do so twice at least. I also attempted the free sample question that I received daily from Cornelius's team, during the final week. I took more sample tests online and the night before the exam, I took a full 4 hours 200 question sample exam online, which boosted my confidence level when it resulted in a percentage achievement of above 60%. I recommend that we all endure a full test to prepare us with patience and composure needed on the exam day.

Posted By: Raj Menon, PMP Active: YES Posted Date: 2010-09-13  
Comment: Raj- thank you for such honest discussion here. You are a true inspiration, am sure not only to me who keeps on saying I need to take my exam and doesn't but too many others who have heard about PMP and are not sure how to get it done.
Posted By: Soma Bhattacharya Active: YES Posted Date: 2010-09-20  
Comment: How are you able to get the experience that is needed for project management? Are there organizations that will provide internships to you?
Posted By: Kathy Ferguson Active: YES Posted Date: 2012-06-20  
Comment: I am currently working in service delivery management field and plaining to get into Project Management. Few things i am preparing on are viewing project Management videos, blogs and preparing for PRINCE 2 training and certification. Please advice what else can be done to get into the project management field? Is PRINCE 2 certification a worth choice to make in this direction? Please advice.
Posted By: santosh Yadav Active: YES Posted Date: 2014-12-26  
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