Our Story
In 2007 when Soma Bhattacharya stepped into her job in Chicago, Illinois she hardly had any knowledge about project management.

As a newbie, she wanted to learn faster than everybody, so she took files back home, studied them till late in the night and asked questions. Soon, she was reading blogs, trying to find out more about Project Management and how to get started. She looked to someone to talk to, ask for suggestions and while looking at websites, she realized it was difficult to find one for newbies. Overwhelmed by so much information about Project Management, in 2008 she decided to start her blog that she wrote while she learned the art of Project Management and committed to become a Project Manager. It was a journal that she maintained with the hope that something the newbies could learn from. The encouragement and support that she got from Project Managers while she wrote the blog, kept her going.

In 2009, she came up with an idea to help out others what it took her years to understand. She wanted to spread the help she was getting in her career to others, who could benefit from finding mentors and understanding Project Management first hand- a chance to experience than just read theories for certifications to become a Project Manager.

This site hopefully will give you a chance to meet your mentors, see Project Managers work in some amazing projects and be inspired enough to one day come back to this site as an expert and help others.

Thank you for visiting the site. If you are a Project Manager please help out the newbies, sign up as the “expert” and show them what it takes to be one and if you are a “newbie” (anyone interested in Project Management) here’s wishing you the very best.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello, please contact us here.
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